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Wholely now

Existence is quite moving, yet always here. You already are without needing to be, the mind only thinks something is not here, have a look.

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One live

You know this one by heart, know all that arises by heart as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON_SnFhi9Zk

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Looking in what you see

If our pure being has been noticed by pausing and seeing the joyous stillness of ourself this need not be left hidden for our own secret understanding and enjoyment, share what has been noticed with the rest of yourself. Every arising energy … Continue reading

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Being’s thirsty babies

The baby request milk naturally without wondering why it does so, if the mind now takes you to be something or nothing, no problem, being is here even when the energies are in full sprint. Pause and simply notice in you what all the … Continue reading

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You don’t have to do any of this

Don’t do anything for a few moments and just notice life live you. It’s a very peaceful experience to notice the natural functioning of things first hand aboard a constantly moving body with the prevailing senses noticing the still alrightness at … Continue reading

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Already one

Every thought ever thought arose in the present moment and the opportunity often exist for a pause to notice the inescapable already here oneness which fills all things, many positions we appear to take will simply vanish when we are open to our true … Continue reading

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