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See how you are

If we look at what we appear to be it seems the mind is one of the components which play a sporadic though memorable role in our daily living. What naturally functions all aspects of our appearance as a whole is worth some quite time to just see … Continue reading

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Perfect sense

No matter how your thoughts view your thoughts and actions from an experience perceived as complete oneness to the most egotistic display unimaginable, all experiences feature your being with the naturally occurring intermittent movement of thoughts. Your being is perfect and the … Continue reading

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Seeing full well

Courageous, loving or fearful thoughts bring the mind not one step closer or further from the truth of what you already are. The human mind naturally moves in pure being as all things must. You can not be uncompleted by … Continue reading

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Words are not the point here

These words are little clouds on our being, they nor any other arising can change our being, they can only help in understanding how things arise in being. You  are always seeing through things, including the mind you sense, thus telling things apart is not the … Continue reading

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One live

You know this one by heart, know all that arises by heart as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON_SnFhi9Zk

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Peace in its pieces

There can be no problem for (what we are), once I heard this a few years ago there has been no problems for what is noticeably the one identity of what appears to be separate pieces. Mind you, no one … Continue reading

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Pause for no cause

If you were to pause for a moment and simply drop all thoughts, you will be left uncovered in that which has no problems, no causes, just the real you which is the heart of every particle and space in the expanding … Continue reading

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