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All we are

What we are seems to arise what we appear to be. People may appear to have mixed feelings on the space things arise in, though any occurence of pleasant to unpleasant energy has no influence on the solid quality of emptiness always here. I often mention in these post … Continue reading

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It’s you

Formwise things change in a flash, you are the past, present and future to them all.  While here it appears quite natural to notice yourself now.

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Do you mind knowing

The mind (sometimes) likes that it is driven by the same driver as all other things. It somehow thinks this belief will make all other arisings in the future insignificant to it. The key here is the mind never did know, it only … Continue reading

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One live

You know this one by heart, know all that arises by heart as well.

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Looks good on you

You are always a knowing love, on this arises a temporary coat of segregation which has an occasional usage in the flow of things. Mind is no one’s enemy, love is fine with whatever is thought. Amazing, terrible, peaceful, angry, insightful, are all different … Continue reading

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