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tale wagging the dog

Inside for awhile today with breeze gently blowing in the window, my friend listening and sniffing, plenty of movement, frowns, growls, smiles, whimpers, shifting looks and gestures, then full camaraderie during a sudden storm with the thunder showing how the big dogs bark. Stories and … Continue reading

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once upon a time

Atmospheric ice crystals, blankets of snow, steam, fog, water, cycling through forms like the one we sense now. Things naturally continues to play. So what if the choices you appeared to make were not anyone’s to begin with, Heart can not be other … Continue reading

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Thanks arises for no thing

A question arises. An answer may appear. An understanding these are waves from the ocean of nothingness is all so an other wave as complete as anything is. You’ve made it.

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Seeing full well

Courageous, loving or fearful thoughts bring the mind not one step closer or further from the truth of what you already are. The human mind naturally moves in pure being as all things must. You can not be uncompleted by … Continue reading

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The mind doesn’t need to be sure

Existence is the knowing of changes, no one at any point can deny their existence, it is certain and unchanging and the movement of changes only appear on this perfectly fine background. The mind appears therefore to be the wrong tool to identify … Continue reading

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Do you mind knowing

The mind (sometimes) likes that it is driven by the same driver as all other things. It somehow thinks this belief will make all other arisings in the future insignificant to it. The key here is the mind never did know, it only … Continue reading

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One live

You know this one by heart, know all that arises by heart as well.

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