You no what

If you already always are true nature, where and why things appear, can you learn anything that will make you more perfect, spacious or peaceful?

The mind, body, waves, clouds etc are temporary physical appears which move according to true nature. If a person changes their view on what they are it would not be of their own doing. The option and decision were obviously provided without a moment of separation  from the truth of what they already are.

As a physical form with an onboard sensory system one needs not take on the role of the still perfection they are at heart, movement is natural and what you take yourself to be is up to true nature.

You will not see what you are by reading this sentence, though the reading and writing were made possible by the same one. The mind can’t know this through another’s mind, it is what makes the different minds, waves, clouds and ducks possible, look for yourself, you need not try to put a finger on what it is. Noticing what we are is the most natural thing, trace any thought back to its arising and beyond, each thought must be different though their origin of arising is constant and unchanging, enjoy this always present certainty of what you are.


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