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More than meets the I

I found the below video interesting and it reminded of the clarity in simply stopping, which sets off a physical flow from experiencing yourself non-conceptually in a pause, much similar to a mother and new born who are noticing the presence of the unborn in … Continue reading

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while under cover

Listen or look less for a change, this leaves only our natural aware listening, overlooking this is common though rarely necessary. No mind would ever have any insight into what this moment is all about without referencing the clarity all moments occur in. One understanding is the … Continue reading

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One live

You know this one by heart, know all that arises by heart as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON_SnFhi9Zk

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Looks good on you

You are always a knowing love, on this arises a temporary coat of segregation which has an occasional usage in the flow of things. Mind is no one’s enemy, love is fine with whatever is thought. Amazing, terrible, peaceful, angry, insightful, are all different … Continue reading

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Welcome back to Vanishing Point

Here even the notion we have found our peaceful freedom disappears before it can settle in as a belief. Nevertheless I would like to momentarily thank you for stopping in and to remind you we are now always open.

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Being can not be stopped, the movement of things in being also can not be stopped. No separation, when you look to and through yourself this will be noticed clearly in your own experience. You are being and you exist in what exist.

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Now nothing can stand in your way

Here is an Alfie Zappacosta song  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpdaGC7GL7s  from the 80s you may enjoy.

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