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Some Can Seem To One

Hibou seems to say, consider this. Matter can seem quite logically one, when large enough it can be noticed by senses. Things very naturally come to mind as the mind frequently notices. Mind is matter, matter seems a constantly changing … Continue reading

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Selfless Selfie

 A pause before chopping some fungus off this tree to later make into tea.Here out of the blue nature experienced a glimpse of no one reading anything between the lines.

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The occurrence of the unique stream of life we seem to live quite reasonably appears within space. Any noticeable stream to our senses are by nature primarily spacious, the human body which at any always changing moment is  often calculated … Continue reading

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Fascinating to see the interconnectedness as I peer outside myself, naturally a feeling of oneness appears here in the visual though within my body trillions of microbes are presently living in and on what seems me,  trillions sounds like a lot but supposedly those and a … Continue reading

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Young at heart

Don’t allow the unruly servant, yes I’m talking about your mind to drown out the melody of our heart. This one has nothing to do with age and just can’t get old. Carolyn Leigh knew to well what she was writing about, her mind gave us enough clues to feel through the … Continue reading

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Thanks arises for no thing

A question arises. An answer may appear. An understanding these are waves from the ocean of nothingness is all so an other wave as complete as anything is. You’ve made it.

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Before the now notion

You are here prior to any solid understanding which naturally crumbles. Before the thought of now or anything else, you surely exist. Notice yourself, now there is no sound excuse not to.

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