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The nature of selfless love

This is the way it is, the mind may think differently which is natural. The flow is river-like, calm, rushing, this to is natural. The understanding of being selflessly alive displaces much that once seemed right or unnecessary, this to is nature’s course running … Continue reading

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Dancing from the heart

One doesn’t one day fly or presently sway in the wind, we are fully just the heart of  it all, we can describe what appears to be seen with what appears to be seeing.  There is always the heart present to any suspected circumstance, the illusion that the arising … Continue reading

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You’re not a part of a problem

There can be no problems for what you are, that is not to say you physically have no role to play in change. You are the only reason change occurs, the mind never had an independent say and need not believe otherwise. There … Continue reading

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Of our light

click on for clarity   The imagination will quite naturally dream of becoming the idyllic space it always appears in. Shadows appear due to the openness of our light, look directly into the shadows and you can not miss all we are.

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while under cover

Listen or look less for a change, this leaves only our natural aware listening, overlooking this is common though rarely necessary. No mind would ever have any insight into what this moment is all about without referencing the clarity all moments occur in. One understanding is the … Continue reading

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Don’t get me wrong

You have noticed the senses in operation for a number of years if you are able to read this. You most certainly have noticed you haven’t changed even though the mind you notice often does. Is the real me the only one here … Continue reading

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To not do

Recalling the so-called and also the freshly arising experiences do happen. The interpretations happen. The wordless awareness happens. We like waves naturally happen and we may resemble these movements during our noticeable awareness and thoughts and also during the not so noticeable lulls in these activities. With the most basic … Continue reading

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