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Selfless Selfie

 A pause before chopping some fungus off this tree to later make into tea.Here out of the blue nature experienced a glimpse of no one reading anything between the lines.

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Just one to notice

The individual mind doesn’t start or stop its movements, doesn’t choose the content of arising thought or even what seems its own take on things. There appears not much logic in the mind being your life long true essence or something worthy of oneness carrying forward … Continue reading

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The nature of selfless love

This is the way it is, the mind may think differently which is natural. The flow is river-like, calm, rushing, this to is natural. The understanding of being selflessly alive displaces much that once seemed right or unnecessary, this to is nature’s course running … Continue reading

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Dancing from the heart

One doesn’t one day fly or presently sway in the wind, we are fully just the heart of  it all, we can describe what appears to be seen with what appears to be seeing.  There is always the heart present to any suspected circumstance, the illusion that the arising … Continue reading

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History Lessen

Crying and giggling appear quite natural in babies long before the flowing mind believes this is someone. Fair to say movement doesn’t change what we are, which is noticeable and naturally interesting to k(no)w one.

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The sense of being only appears in the flow, the wind blows the hair, grass, branches and clouds not of any one’s own doing. Nature resisting its naturalness is a non-occurrence. An understanding of what you are, doesn’t change what you are, focus … Continue reading

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Wholely now

Existence is quite moving, yet always here. You already are without needing to be, the mind only thinks something is not here, have a look.

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Fresh understanding

My furry friend here naturally points to fresh experiences,  all the thoughts we may suspect cause some kind of separation from pure being are just as fresh as his, recollections and expectations are not something that can separate the senses from pure being. Understanding the gamut … Continue reading

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Looks good on you

You are always a knowing love, on this arises a temporary coat of segregation which has an occasional usage in the flow of things. Mind is no one’s enemy, love is fine with whatever is thought. Amazing, terrible, peaceful, angry, insightful, are all different … Continue reading

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A prior sense of Character

Once we recognize the whole show is totally being played by self, the habit of character enhancement seems pointless.  We only thought our role needed to be cued by our thoughts due to the way we were taught to perform. Dismantling the personal character piece … Continue reading

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