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Flower Power

Any particle based snippet in the overall mix is driven by the always arriving change. This is a basic non-dual understanding. The usual question also changes from how does this play out in daily life to how can this not … Continue reading

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tale wagging the dog

Inside for awhile today with breeze gently blowing in the window, my friend listening and sniffing, plenty of movement, frowns, growls, smiles, whimpers, shifting looks and gestures, then full camaraderie during a sudden storm with the thunder showing how the big dogs bark. Stories and … Continue reading

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The nature of selfless love

This is the way it is, the mind may think differently which is natural. The flow is river-like, calm, rushing, this to is natural. The understanding of being selflessly alive displaces much that once seemed right or unnecessary, this to is nature’s course running … Continue reading

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Noticing what is not unclear

Some folks who have looked closely at what is naturally always here claim change is not their or anyone else’s true identity. This true identity is certain and can not be changed so there is no one that needs to be … Continue reading

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You must be already aware

Just a reminder, no matter what one is doing awareness remains. All movements including thought can not leave the unrelenting awareness.  The core and true identity of all things we can give a name to must be a term similar to awareness. Being this certain aware wholeness movements can … Continue reading

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Sometimes I don’t know

The mind’s natural habit of not being in much control of its flowing movements tells me the mind is not who I am and is not running the show. It has been kind of interesting to not be very interested in what it thinks … Continue reading

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Young at heart

Don’t allow the unruly servant, yes I’m talking about your mind to drown out the melody of our heart. This one has nothing to do with age and just can’t get old. Carolyn Leigh knew to well what she was writing about, her mind gave us enough clues to feel through the … Continue reading

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Wholely now

Existence is quite moving, yet always here. You already are without needing to be, the mind only thinks something is not here, have a look.

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2 bee

This appears naturally as a thought disappears, this only points out what is seen is already unreal. All concepts are truly appearing in the fresh flow of natural redundancy which is perfectly fine for the senses we appear to be noticing. No … Continue reading

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Before the now notion

You are here prior to any solid understanding which naturally crumbles. Before the thought of now or anything else, you surely exist. Notice yourself, now there is no sound excuse not to.

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