Nature’s Broader View

Nature sees itself from the sensory of living forms. With this in mind it would seem, if nature doesn’t take care of itself surely nothing else will. Nature’s tiny eyes can see much farther than the mind tends to assume.

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Nothing but change

It rained last night, the umbrella began to open this morning and now some shade for the tiny ones. ūü¶Č

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Some Can Seem To One

Hibou seems to say, consider this.

Matter can seem quite logically one, when large enough it can be noticed by senses.

Things very naturally come to mind as the mind frequently notices.

Mind is matter, matter seems a constantly changing one.

Earth is well over 99% made up of nonliving matter, a small part of 1% of the living forms are animals which are way down the list in prominence with plants leading the pack along with a few others noticeable life forms. Where life forms appear senses will be present. It may seem to some human minds that one is all, so with that in mind the mind can seem to one a small matter.

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This Holiness


You frighten what I seem to you, no human sage through practice can lower their heart and breathe rate, decrease their body temp to near freezing and not eat or drink for several months like your dreamed-up Tantramar guru can.


Vibrations are noticed so hear this in my whistle, there are no miracles in the formless or I’s to do them, just this natural holiness, digging what seems to appear.



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If there is a state it is one of never not shifting. No experience happens to something separate or solid.
It takes movement to sense. It takes movement to seem to have a solid understanding.

No joy, no flow, no knowledge, no movement, no nothing, thus far sensory has no experience of such.

Little flashes appear naturally in an unformed state, in what we call microbe, plant, fungi, insect, and animal here on what we call earth and very possibly beyond:)

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Flower Power


Any particle based snippet in the overall mix is driven by the always arriving change. This is a basic non-dual understanding. The usual question also changes from how does this play out in daily life to how can this not play out in daily life.

A head injury occurs and the mind may naturally feel no connection to the tongue. Bugs or a foot step may deplete the black-eyed susan from making it to seed. Were you or the black-eyed susan really in control of the little we seem to sense. No thing did anything to bring about what occurs, you are totally free from credit in what appears as your story whether you like it or not.

In the understanding snippeting is a natural process appearing in humans and other living forms. The one below was naturally driven to bark a bit while this was being written.20170401_154505

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Change has no vacancy

  • Movement, the certainty of change will only occur in the prevailing conditions.  Chicory seeds had no say in forming into roots with arising flowers. In this natural flow a stream of thought may deduce their somewhat sensed form seems not separate from the prevailing surroundings, just a shifting expression of change, no different from all the often perceived as others? Our library of recollections, appearing vague to vivid should only support this.
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Selfless Selfie

 A pause before chopping some fungus off this tree to later make into tea.Here out of the blue nature experienced a glimpse of no one reading anything between the lines.

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The occurrence of the unique stream of life we seem to live quite reasonably appears within space. Any noticeable stream to our senses are by nature primarily spacious, the human body which at any always changing moment is¬† often calculated to be around 99% space. All the flavours of mind are as automatic as any other universal stream imaginable, right now a cloud’s path comes to mind with a soft thought that all¬†appearances separated by mind¬†be seen less rigidly.


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Some all seeing some all

20160207_choc river_6138

No matter what you are seeing, the certainty of change is always available when certain  senses are on. The below video makes it easy to notice the unchanging state of change and may offer a small glimpse of how naturally we are lived.

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