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What’s goin on

The priority always here can be described as perfect peacefulness though words are only vague pointers to the truth, things like thoughts naturally make appearances. Have a look at your priority, there is only one, the flowing of everything is impossible without this untouchable foundation. Our … Continue reading

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Appearing to being stuck

Oh boy, nothing seems to cause folks the appearance of being bogged down more than them believing they need to stick to things they half heartedly said or agreed with. Realize all the chatter is fine and from the pureness and you owe these slanted translations … Continue reading

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You no what

If you already always are true nature, where and why things appear, can you learn anything that will make you more perfect, spacious or peaceful? The mind, body, waves, clouds etc are temporary physical appears which move according to true nature. If a … Continue reading

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Constant stillness, founder of clouds

Noticing stillness is a movement, a passing glance, a silent timeless salute to the truth of what we are, at first a rare arising cloud that recognizes the clearness of itself. Without the stillness the cloudy glance can not arise nor be registered. Nothing new is added … Continue reading

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No-thing to it, still moving

The it I mention in the title is all the physical things you’ve noticed through the senses and includes the senses which function naturally with no thing as the base where the movements occur. Are you no thing or things or both, If … Continue reading

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Now we’re going nowhere

Now wait just a moment and see what you really are without the mild distraction of thought, linger a bit, look around, there is lots of space to notice here, right now. Thoughts do not change what you are, they appear … Continue reading

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