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Appearing in what we are

Change is only an appearance in what we are, the existence I often mention noticing is no more than a physically pointer to our ever changing nature which is presently sensed or not. You are the providence, the changes, awareness and the thought of awareness being … Continue reading

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No path to you

Things change in the certainty of us. The snow appears in us and then the snow shoveler appears in us.

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Couldn’t be finer

Are you fine is a reasonable thing to ask yourself from time to time especially if you are uncertain and the one place not to look for the answer is in thought, instead check your over all existence, is there breathing going … Continue reading

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once upon a time

Atmospheric ice crystals, blankets of snow, steam, fog, water, cycling through forms like the one we sense now. Things naturally continues to play. So what if the choices you appeared to make were not anyone’s to begin with, Heart can not be other … Continue reading

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