You don’t have to do any of this

Don’t do anything for a few moments and just notice life live you. It’s a very peaceful experience to notice the natural functioning of things first hand aboard a constantly moving body with the prevailing senses noticing the still alrightness at the heart of all this.

You may not have made a point to let go into the always here certainty of yourself, though I’m sure you have noticed this from time to time.  If the mind doesn’t have to figure it out, if things are all living and flowing naturally shouldn’t we concede the mind was often fighting an illusory battle, what is real to us now, be here in just that.

About nessung

Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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2 Responses to You don’t have to do any of this

  1. Excellent post! I like sitting still especially on a warm summer’s day and just listening…it’s amazing what you hear…

    • nessung says:

      Yes indeed, noticing the various waves of sound arising in stillness feels so right when the mind is not overlooking the natural beauty of now. Many folks will recall fondly the clear feeling you point to here. The sounds spread throughout all the senses it seems. I much appreciation your visit here today.

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