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You’re not a part of a problem

There can be no problems for what you are, that is not to say you physically have no role to play in change. You are the only reason change occurs, the mind never had an independent say and need not believe otherwise. There … Continue reading

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I clearly can’t change this

Space creates the tasting of its own flavourings, creates thoughts in its own minds, gases of its own suns. The existing alterations can not be I modified, all must arise in clarity, the never changing self as we all have noticed is here in the always … Continue reading

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Seeing things

This is becoming imperfectly clear to many, this moment just isn’t how it looks. What we are can not be captured by the changing illusions we think we are. Nothing that you really are has ever changed, so it shouldn’t be to hard to stop and notice … Continue reading

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See how you are

If we look at what we appear to be it seems the mind is one of the components which play a sporadic though memorable role in our daily living. What naturally functions all aspects of our appearance as a whole is worth some quite time to just see … Continue reading

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Noticing what is not unclear

Some folks who have looked closely at what is naturally always here claim change is not their or anyone else’s true identity. This true identity is certain and can not be changed so there is no one that needs to be … Continue reading

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Seeing full well

Courageous, loving or fearful thoughts bring the mind not one step closer or further from the truth of what you already are. The human mind naturally moves in pure being as all things must. You can not be uncompleted by … Continue reading

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Being can not be stopped, the movement of things in being also can not be stopped. No separation, when you look to and through yourself this will be noticed clearly in your own experience. You are being and you exist in what exist.

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