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once upon a time

Atmospheric ice crystals, blankets of snow, steam, fog, water, cycling through forms like the one we sense now. Things naturally continues to play. So what if the choices you appeared to make were not anyone’s to begin with, Heart can not be other … Continue reading

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Don’t get me wrong

You have noticed the senses in operation for a number of years if you are able to read this. You most certainly have noticed you haven’t changed even though the mind you notice often does. Is the real me the only one here … Continue reading

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To not do

Recalling the so-called and also the freshly arising experiences do happen. The interpretations happen. The wordless awareness happens. We like waves naturally happen and we may resemble these movements during our noticeable awareness and thoughts and also during the not so noticeable lulls in these activities. With the most basic … Continue reading

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Seeing things

This is becoming imperfectly clear to many, this moment just isn’t how it looks. What we are can not be captured by the changing illusions we think we are. Nothing that you really are has ever changed, so it shouldn’t be to hard to stop and notice … Continue reading

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See how you are

If we look at what we appear to be it seems the mind is one of the components which play a sporadic though memorable role in our daily living. What naturally functions all aspects of our appearance as a whole is worth some quite time to just see … Continue reading

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2 bee

This appears naturally as a thought disappears, this only points out what is seen is already unreal. All concepts are truly appearing in the fresh flow of natural redundancy which is perfectly fine for the senses we appear to be noticing. No … Continue reading

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Before the now notion

You are here prior to any solid understanding which naturally crumbles. Before the thought of now or anything else, you surely exist. Notice yourself, now there is no sound excuse not to.

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