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Dancing from the heart

One doesn’t one day fly or presently sway in the wind, we are fully just the heart of  it all, we can describe what appears to be seen with what appears to be seeing.  There is always the heart present to any suspected circumstance, the illusion that the arising … Continue reading

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You’re not a part of a problem

There can be no problems for what you are, that is not to say you physically have no role to play in change. You are the only reason change occurs, the mind never had an independent say and need not believe otherwise. There … Continue reading

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I clearly can’t change this

Space creates the tasting of its own flavourings, creates thoughts in its own minds, gases of its own suns. The existing alterations can not be I modified, all must arise in clarity, the never changing self as we all have noticed is here in the always … Continue reading

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History Lessen

Crying and giggling appear quite natural in babies long before the flowing mind believes this is someone. Fair to say movement doesn’t change what we are, which is noticeable and naturally interesting to k(no)w one.

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No word or words will settle the mind into the stillness it arises from, things at least in the last few billion years have been changing. You are the one which notices the mind’s perception of calm and chaos though this to changes, the … Continue reading

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See how you are

If we look at what we appear to be it seems the mind is one of the components which play a sporadic though memorable role in our daily living. What naturally functions all aspects of our appearance as a whole is worth some quite time to just see … Continue reading

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One appears to partake in itself, if the functioning senses can’t stretch to deny this one, well. Many partaking in this may appreciate you pointing this simple one out.

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