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Perfect sense

No matter how your thoughts view your thoughts and actions from an experience perceived as complete oneness to the most egotistic display unimaginable, all experiences feature your being with the naturally occurring intermittent movement of thoughts. Your being is perfect and the … Continue reading

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One live

You know this one by heart, know all that arises by heart as well.

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The pain is unreal only for a while

Being will never abandon any form or space. I often mention our identity as the peaceful certainty easily noticed by pausing thought and that this spaciousness is universally living everything. We are this awakeness that lives everything and the senses of your form are … Continue reading

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Role in the sound of soul

Music tells the listening many types of energetic moving stories, here we have 2 old friends (Todd & Daryl) getting together recently at each other’s house to play a couple of their original tunes from the 70’s.  (Every energy is of the same … Continue reading

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no one, k(no)w one, no one

If I have to bring in someone to blow the assumed you away I will, here’s Alicia Keyes singing about no separation, listen up

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I wasn’t thinking was I

If you realize the truth of what you are, you know now you have done nothing. Everything will occur as it will, thoughts are not your creations, the mind will linger or move always beyond and I’s control, Let your I give it … Continue reading

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Hey you, Yes you

Here you are, no one can take this away from you. You are what makes everything arise in everything. No thing can ever stop you from starting things. You are the heart of all that is, you are always. My senses couldn’t appear without … Continue reading

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