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Wholely now

Existence is quite moving, yet always here. You already are without needing to be, the mind only thinks something is not here, have a look.

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2 bee

This appears naturally as a thought disappears, this only points out what is seen is already unreal. All concepts are truly appearing in the fresh flow of natural redundancy which is perfectly fine for the senses we appear to be noticing. No … Continue reading

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Before the now notion

You are here prior to any solid understanding which naturally crumbles. Before the thought of now or anything else, you surely exist. Notice yourself, now there is no sound excuse not to.

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One appears to partake in itself, if the functioning senses can’t stretch to deny this one, well. Many partaking in this may appreciate you pointing this simple one out.

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Do you mind knowing

The mind (sometimes) likes that it is driven by the same driver as all other things. It somehow thinks this belief will make all other arisings in the future insignificant to it. The key here is the mind never did know, it only … Continue reading

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Being can not be stopped, the movement of things in being also can not be stopped. No separation, when you look to and through yourself this will be noticed clearly in your own experience. You are being and you exist in what exist.

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Premind yourself, no thing can stop you

Being makes for naturally flowing experiences due to the noticed open base of arising energies, though the key is first to notice the quiescence of self.  The flavour of arising experiences alter the still self not. If an open but un-chasing mind doesn’t really appeal to your … Continue reading

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The pain is unreal only for a while

Being will never abandon any form or space. I often mention our identity as the peaceful certainty easily noticed by pausing thought and that this spaciousness is universally living everything. We are this awakeness that lives everything and the senses of your form are … Continue reading

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True nature is very personal

Your true nature currently selves billions of humans with naturally flowing untrue thoughts like this one I have just written here. Once it is noticed the mind’s purpose in this is not to figure out how to build a more loving you … Continue reading

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How the mind judges the present, past and future can only happen in certain occurrences of now and each appearing take on this or that is what (seems to be). The possibility or recollection or direct arising appearance can only … Continue reading

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