The pain is unreal only for a while

Being will never abandon any form or space. I often mention our identity as the peaceful certainty easily noticed by pausing thought and that this spaciousness is universally living everything. We are this awakeness that lives everything and the senses of your form are no exception. Some mind’s dream concepts will stop occurring if they have an awakening experience, true nature will never do this to any of its created senses, things naturally continue to physically change basically the same as always.

You are true nature noticed in stillness and true nature creates every thought that  arises out of stillness like these ones I write here. The thought I am an individual who has not awaken yet is also created by true nature. What ever you think you are when a dangerous situation is detected by your mind a concept to protect your form will arise and your senses will react as best you can, these so-called belongings (your mind, your form and your senses) are just things being driven by true nature.

If my form is true nature arisen, every form must be true nature arisen, every particle is also true nature arisen. If spacious stillness is noticeable out of thought, this must also apply to other human forms and be present within the smallest form beyond conception.

True nature’s mind in this T Nature form referred to as me is very comfortable in resting while spaciousness is enjoyed, the mind has no say until True N says so.   Other than noticing a contentment, it should be mentioned everything else appears to function as before, all is the same, things of energy continue to change like true nature’s thoughts and forms. If T. N. hits one of its fingers with a hammer T. N.’s senses are going to feel it thankfully only for a while.


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Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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