True nature is very personal

Your true nature currently selves billions of humans with naturally flowing untrue thoughts like this one I have just written here. Once it is noticed the mind’s purpose in this is not to figure out how to build a more loving you or world or true nature, but to take comfort and relax in the underlying truth which is naturally noticed where thought is not.

Thought which arise directly from your noticed  pure nature will naturally appear to be more loving which is a by-product of seeing what you are without judgement, only the momentum of churning thought increase the thickness of clouded beliefs which may appear to form into various assumed problems and we are all familiar with the results as these things play out.

Loving thoughts are as close to the truth as the mind is going to come though there will often be a follow up after-taste, so no matter the flavour of thought, head back to the noticeable truth till it is clear this is what you are. Your mind need not take on the ownership of your observed thoughts or buy in on something expressed by some one else. Experience what you are only for yourself, this has a spin-off effect which is not the point here, as it will only mislead you yet again, head back to yourself. Any loving experience is true nature created and can only be tainted afterwards by something that is not true. My most cherished experiences seemed to have minimal or no thought occurring during their appearance and I  suspect this is many folks same experience with their senses when these true nature moments of vibrant clarity appear. So the key is not to relive these moments but to return to the openness of them which is not thought based.

We are this one true nature before, during and after all. Don’t put up with being overlooked by the natural arising thoughts any longer, this is personal.


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Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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