How the mind judges the present, past and future can only happen in certain occurrences of now and each appearing take on this or that is what (seems to be). The possibility or recollection or direct arising appearance can only seem to the mind.

I may seem in love, destroyed, enlightened, pure, angry, abused, spiritual, harassed, proud, humbled, confused, addicted, alone, sick, loved, neglected, hated, one, none, empty, self-centered, aware, the driver of life, certainty, existence, the mind naturally can go on for ever it may seem.

It may seem belief in what seems to be is now gone, it may seem that beliefs are always real or sometimes they appear real. Often it seems we have or lost more or less than what now seems.

You see my point, There is no right or wrong way to naturally seem and it seems unreal to take any of them as what we really are at heart, notice what you are when you are not playing with what seems, this afterwards may appear quite un-seemingly and very much unbecoming so again don’t hold on to how this clarity seems, it is only a pointer to what certainly doesn’t need to be seemed.


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Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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  1. 1left says:

    Hi Nessung, At this point I will probably seem about this one for awhile right.

  2. nessung says:

    Seems 1Left like you may play with this in that. thanks for popping in and hopefully we will get to seem a post from you here soon. ciao

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