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Flower Power

Any particle based snippet in the overall mix is driven by the always arriving change. This is a basic non-dual understanding. The usual question also changes from how does this play out in daily life to how can this not … Continue reading

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Sometimes I don’t know

The mind’s natural habit of not being in much control of its flowing movements tells me the mind is not who I am and is not running the show. It has been kind of interesting to not be very interested in what it thinks … Continue reading

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2 bee

This appears naturally as a thought disappears, this only points out what is seen is already unreal. All concepts are truly appearing in the fresh flow of natural redundancy which is perfectly fine for the senses we appear to be noticing. No … Continue reading

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Fresh understanding

My furry friend here naturally points to fresh experiences,  all the thoughts we may suspect cause some kind of separation from pure being are just as fresh as his, recollections and expectations are not something that can separate the senses from pure being. Understanding the gamut … Continue reading

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Perfect sense

No matter how your thoughts view your thoughts and actions from an experience perceived as complete oneness to the most egotistic display unimaginable, all experiences feature your being with the naturally occurring intermittent movement of thoughts. Your being is perfect and the … Continue reading

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Forgo, things are fine now

Being understood forgoes everything now. Declining to take, going without, clearly being present here. As a small child I seemed to be this, then an I was learnt, more seemed to accumulate, stories were told, how to fit in, beliefs were recommended, spirit was somehow in … Continue reading

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