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Not tamarack nor hackmatack

If things didn’t change, I’ll stand pretty firm that things wouldn’t be here, so with the things you currently appear to have, enjoy your currency. The senses you know didn’t bring themselves here and don’t really change themselves, only you are always here for them … Continue reading

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Couldn’t be finer

Are you fine is a reasonable thing to ask yourself from time to time especially if you are uncertain and the one place not to look for the answer is in thought, instead check your over all existence, is there breathing going … Continue reading

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The sense of being only appears in the flow, the wind blows the hair, grass, branches and clouds not of any one’s own doing. Nature resisting its naturalness is a non-occurrence. An understanding of what you are, doesn’t change what you are, focus … Continue reading

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One live

You know this one by heart, know all that arises by heart as well.

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A prior sense of Character

Once we recognize the whole show is totally being played by self, the habit of character enhancement seems pointless.  We only thought our role needed to be cued by our thoughts due to the way we were taught to perform. Dismantling the personal character piece … Continue reading

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Welcome back to Vanishing Point

Here even the notion we have found our peaceful freedom disappears before it can settle in as a belief. Nevertheless I would like to momentarily thank you for stopping in and to remind you we are now always open.

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Now nothing can stand in your way

Here is an Alfie Zappacosta song  from the 80s you may enjoy.

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