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Some all seeing some all

No matter what you are seeing, the certainty of change is always available when certain  senses are on. The below video makes it easy to notice the unchanging state of change and may offer a small glimpse of how naturally we are lived.

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Not tamarack nor hackmatack

If things didn’t change, I’ll stand pretty firm that things wouldn’t be here, so with the things you currently appear to have, enjoy your currency. The senses you know didn’t bring themselves here and don’t really change themselves, only you are always here for them … Continue reading

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Dancing from the heart

One doesn’t one day fly or presently sway in the wind, we are fully just the heart of  it all, we can describe what appears to be seen with what appears to be seeing.  There is always the heart present to any suspected circumstance, the illusion that the arising … Continue reading

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History Lessen

Crying and giggling appear quite natural in babies long before the flowing mind believes this is someone. Fair to say movement doesn’t change what we are, which is noticeable and naturally interesting to k(no)w one.

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Seeing things

This is becoming imperfectly clear to many, this moment just isn’t how it looks. What we are can not be captured by the changing illusions we think we are. Nothing that you really are has ever changed, so it shouldn’t be to hard to stop and notice … Continue reading

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Seeing full well

Courageous, loving or fearful thoughts bring the mind not one step closer or further from the truth of what you already are. The human mind naturally moves in pure being as all things must. You can not be uncompleted by … Continue reading

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Welcome back to Vanishing Point

Here even the notion we have found our peaceful freedom disappears before it can settle in as a belief. Nevertheless I would like to momentarily thank you for stopping in and to remind you we are now always open.

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You don’t have to do any of this

Don’t do anything for a few moments and just notice life live you. It’s a very peaceful experience to notice the natural functioning of things first hand aboard a constantly moving body with the prevailing senses noticing the still alrightness at … Continue reading

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Pause for no cause

If you were to pause for a moment and simply drop all thoughts, you will be left uncovered in that which has no problems, no causes, just the real you which is the heart of every particle and space in the expanding … Continue reading

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k(no)w doubt in my mind

The potential is great for a person to appear to go far if they think they can train the mind to choose the arising thoughts or know the perfect action to take in any situation, no way.  The mind can only … Continue reading

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