Already one

Every thought ever thought arose in the present moment and the opportunity often exist for a pause to notice the inescapable already here oneness which fills all things, many positions we appear to take will simply vanish when we are open to our true self and not the previously constructed image we habitually portray.

It is as simple as that, the appeared nonsense had no real validity, no real need to ask why we believed otherwise. You miss the boat if you think I wish I had done this then or I’ll try this later. Now is the only chance available to flow freely in this constantly prevailing joyous peace. The mind will never become the un-conditional love which makes all the minds choice making abilities possible, though your mind if you are reading this has the capacity to relax and contently flow along until a relevant task appears. No cause for worry, nature naturally takes care of all of this.

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3 Responses to Already one

  1. seeingwhatis says:

    How do you feel about writing. I just started writing a book, but there is an open question present in the writing. There is no purpose, so why and how since truth have to arise from within. Any thoughts on book writing?

    • 1left says:

      No purpose at heart is a fine pointer to the truth, this can smooth out many of natures experiences in the human form and atleast to the mind seems well worth sharing this unconditionality. Whatever nature is doing the senses are all in, writing a book is fine.

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