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here’s looking at you

Pure basic being under all the appearing energies, something so simple anyone can pause for a moment and notice. The energy of thought soon appears and takes a try at describing what was noticed, but can’t quite put a finger on being. Nobody … Continue reading

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Now you change everything

A few miles on the road, with a cloud appearing to provide an entertaining illusion. A few moments further in now, possibly freezing rain or snow ahead. This now stuff never gets old,  always presenting something that appears to be new. Pause in this … Continue reading

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I wasn’t thinking was I

If you realize the truth of what you are, you know now you have done nothing. Everything will occur as it will, thoughts are not your creations, the mind will linger or move always beyond and I’s control, Let your I give it … Continue reading

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Hey you, Yes you

Here you are, no one can take this away from you. You are what makes everything arise in everything. No thing can ever stop you from starting things. You are the heart of all that is, you are always. My senses couldn’t appear without … Continue reading

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