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Shore lee here

Down river to the coast today to check out some potential foraging sites. Here are a few phone pics from some pause points. . click to enlarge Beached ice deberging What lives change doesn’t change, an afterthought on the road back upstream.

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Now’s northern waves

Beauty and great exercise for what seems fine with it. In and under a wave, the ocean in motion. No rush, a pleasant rhythm to catapult the snow with shovel and watch the wind take it. A friend to share … Continue reading

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Certainty’s Twinklings

The mind naturally slices reality into illusions right behind your eyes. As you read these words and while I wrote them. The certainty all things appear in is only for the moving parts to tinker with. In existence change has never been sliced at all, … Continue reading

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On those dark white days. When you can’t see you’re already home. The sun will still be shining on itself. There may be no path through the ground clouds, just pause to notice what lives you and all else.

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Couldn’t be finer

Are you fine is a reasonable thing to ask yourself from time to time especially if you are uncertain and the one place not to look for the answer is in thought, instead check your over all existence, is there breathing going … Continue reading

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Of our light

click on for clarity   The imagination will quite naturally dream of becoming the idyllic space it always appears in. Shadows appear due to the openness of our light, look directly into the shadows and you can not miss all we are.

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Imagine there’s no karma

It isn’t hard to do, especially once you’ve noticed the senses are like a river of energy flowing through what seems the same twisting and turning valleys, yet the valleys are like rivers as well.  You can’t step in the same river twice … Continue reading

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