Upon the face of certainty

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At this moment life forms change and notice some change, other forms change and do not notice change, both these appear upon a steady certainty. It all arises from what it is upon, no movement could appear without this certainty. Wherever nature points, you will find no face that is not upon the Absolute.

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Fascinating to see the interconnectedness as I peer outside myself, naturally a feeling of oneness appears here in the visual though within my body trillions of microbes are presently living in and on what seems me,  trillions sounds like a lot but supposedly those and a few other little creatures which live onboard only weigh around 4 lbs, I don’t mind carrying them around in fact I couldn’t live without them. I know of these little one’s lives but do not seem to perceive them beyond the idea of them and the history of their ways. As is what seems my nature I stop to notice the breath I never intended to breathe, the stream of illusions continues on as more little life forms enter my  🙂 lungs.

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Neighbourhood Guru Turns Head


We often walk on a path across the water from this one in the above photo, this illusion is only noticed when the wind is calm and the lake becomes waveless, stillness inspires the arising of playful imagination.


The guru now looks more at home without my photo crop and rotation, lying naturally a memory of childhood jigsaw puzzles is noticed.  Change occurs with no piece out of place, this is what stillness tells the mind.

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Just one to notice


The individual mind doesn’t start or stop its movements, doesn’t choose the content of arising thought or even what seems its own take on things. There appears not much logic in the mind being your life long true essence or something worthy of oneness carrying forward spiritually beyond its appearance, it may at times seem a useful tool in what you appear to know are untrue slants on things, the realization of an un-owned though prevailing collective of untruths offers a pause, a space which is often overlooked, this space which is always here only has to be noticed to slow the collective spin. Many great teachers in recent millenniums have noticed this space in which the prevailing takes places and have pointed it out. There has never been one to fight, just one to notice your own heart is already open.


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tale wagging the dog


Inside for awhile today with breeze gently blowing in the window, my friend listening and sniffing, plenty of movement, frowns, growls, smiles, whimpers, shifting looks and gestures, then full camaraderie during a sudden storm with the thunder showing how the big dogs bark. Stories and thought do not interrupt change and do not somehow make you non-absolute.

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Not tamarack nor hackmatack


If things didn’t change, I’ll stand pretty firm that things wouldn’t be here, so with the things you currently appear to have, enjoy your currency. The senses you know didn’t bring themselves here and don’t really change themselves, only you are always here for them as we may see it. I live in you, you live in you and the tree lives in you, isn’t it fascinating that we all could be the solidness of what you have always been, long before your current ever changing senses could imagine this.

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Changing in completeness


Noticing this and that, what does and doesn’t make sense to the senses, you may look at things slightly different once your mind suspects completeness has always been comfortably at home with what appears to us as movements including human thought. Completeness, just another word pointing at what we and all that appears to change and also to what appear not to change are. What has been present for your sensing of change hasn’t changed has it.


What appears to us as one needs us to open our mouths as the unconditional will not speak for change in completeness, the poplar and beaver appeared to do their thing, the unconditional will not stop how completeness naturally appears. We are not what we think we and all other things are, like all things noticeable we are more than free of all changes in completeness, the mind has a different story in this naturally.

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