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Neighbourhood Guru Turns Head

We often walk on a path across the water from this one in the above photo, this illusion is only noticed when the wind is calm and the lake becomes waveless, stillness inspires the arising of playful imagination. The guru now looks more at home without my photo crop … Continue reading

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Just one to notice

The individual mind doesn’t start or stop its movements, doesn’t choose the content of arising thought or even what seems its own take on things. There appears not much logic in the mind being your life long true essence or something worthy of oneness carrying forward … Continue reading

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tale wagging the dog

Inside for awhile today with breeze gently blowing in the window, my friend listening and sniffing, plenty of movement, frowns, growls, smiles, whimpers, shifting looks and gestures, then full camaraderie during a sudden storm with the thunder showing how the big dogs bark. Stories and … Continue reading

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Not tamarack nor hackmatack

If things didn’t change, I’ll stand pretty firm that things wouldn’t be here, so with the things you currently appear to have, enjoy your currency. The senses you know didn’t bring themselves here and don’t really change themselves, only you are always here for them … Continue reading

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Changing in completeness

Noticing this and that, what does and doesn’t make sense to the senses, you may look at things slightly different once your mind suspects completeness has always been comfortably at home with what appears to us as movements including human thought. Completeness, just another word pointing at what … Continue reading

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Shore lee here

Down river to the coast today to check out some potential foraging sites. Here are a few phone pics from some pause points. . click to enlarge Beached ice deberging What lives change doesn’t change, an afterthought on the road back upstream.

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More than meets the I

I found the below video interesting and it reminded of the clarity in simply stopping, which sets off a physical flow from experiencing yourself non-conceptually in a pause, much similar to a mother and new born who are noticing the presence of the unborn in … Continue reading

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Now’s northern waves

Beauty and great exercise for what seems fine with it. In and under a wave, the ocean in motion. No rush, a pleasant rhythm to catapult the snow with shovel and watch the wind take it. A friend to share … Continue reading

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Certainty’s Twinklings

The mind naturally slices reality into illusions right behind your eyes. As you read these words and while I wrote them. The certainty all things appear in is only for the moving parts to tinker with. In existence change has never been sliced at all, … Continue reading

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On those dark white days. When you can’t see you’re already home. The sun will still be shining on itself. There may be no path through the ground clouds, just pause to notice what lives you and all else.

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