Couldn’t be finer


Are you fine is a reasonable thing to ask yourself from time to time especially if you are uncertain and the one place not to look for the answer is in thought, instead check your over all existence, is there breathing going on naturally and other movements occurring, if so you are fine and the mind can not deny this.


Last week my body was surprisingly shaken and existence wasn’t an issue to examine, the natural reaction was a search for injuries which turned up nothing to speak off and then a question of possible shock was offered, eventually some pain started appearing the next day though it was very minor and continued to reappeared now and then for a few more days.


Nature does its own moving, the changes, this knowing existence of being fine is always ok with its own results as they appear. We do what it seems we do and may be fine with things or not, mind can’t stop what you already are, though it may appear to easy up on you.


The body seems an interesting vehicle to notice our fineness and our existence is simply to amazing to be totally missed as here, existence appears as the substratum of all things. Noticing we are fine can not help but change some habits of our mind. Being fine may reveal the light has stardust in its eyes or what is seen is secondary to what is seeing. All movements are of your kind, an understanding beyond agreement in the experiencing.


About nessung

Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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