Sometimes I don’t know


The mind’s natural habit of not being in much control of its flowing movements tells me the mind is not who I am and is not running the show. It has been kind of interesting to not be very interested in what it thinks but of course it can still see its own usefulness and reasons for appearing.

If we are presence and drive the awareness of things we should also be able to notice our selves centered in the senses of these beings. This doesn’t mean the end of the mind noticing problems for the form or now being able to deliver a so-called spiritual answer for what the senses will be facing. You place anyone including our most beloved spiritual embodiments in certain situations, don’t be surprised, any experience will not shock awareness, though it may your mind.

The reason I mention these things tonight is I see so many folks working very hard to improve their mind’s spiritual abilities and yet they are finding the occasional appearance of deep disappointment with their results which is only perfectly normal but unnecessary once they see what they are which deems these thoughts void of validity pronto . I repeat what numerous folks have said for thousands of years, you always have been what your mind seeks to become.

Thoughts of all flavours are appearances in reality which are unable to express completed what is true. Mixed feelings arising from a mind trying to be you instead of just being a mind which may at the same instance deliver a bewilderingly great experiences to notice these minds are not who we are. Here is a song by Todd Rundgren many of our minds or at least the one appearing to be mine can relate too.


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