Open one’s senses

We and the universe in general appear to be various things to the mind, but primarily our being or true nature are always open to these thoughts.  Occasionally we notice in our senses a feeling of clarity, everything is alright, experiencing our uncovered self in one or all things. These experiences in recollection may point the senses to an understanding of self.

The path from our senses to our core openness is simply a glance into what is undeniably unchanging here. Openness is open to any mind take including one of open-mindedness. Noticing how open you are creates one key difference in daily living which can be described as heart thinking more so than mind thinking, an open vantage without the habit of preparing an advantage for someone or group of someones the mind innocently fabricated.

Since our essence is changeless and untouchable by any energy changes it thus requires no back dues from a mind which only appeared to be struggling to figure things out for who knows what. It is only our senses rightfully so which are now equip to enjoy the subtle sweet natural flow of things. Being our natural selves appears so much easier than learning to become more our true selves. So for the sake of one’s senses stop moving for a moment and notice your very present openness.


About nessung

Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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