What you are doesn’t change

Thoughts change, bodies change, skies change, ideas on who we are change, all things change, yet our being stays always exactly the same. The mind can not become self.

Self is not here to learn lessons in a temporary mind, there is no carry-over in that direction, unconditional love is prior to what is sensed always. The mind can’t ignore the beauty of this though it can’t become this being as it is not a state the mind can become.

If the changeable mind desires to become the perfect being that is always already here, it will notice many problems, the most obvious is the mind must change and is always changing right here and now so the mind can’t become a non-moving changeless awareness.

The mind will only relax out of the way of our own still contentment when it understands it is a thing being activates and nothing more. The mind will not accept this via a second hand story, it must relax or pause so being in its certain stillness is noticed as your true identity. No person is more or less our being, no one deserves to notice their truth more or less. This is more a stopping than a step so feel free to be what you are now.

Being has no problems so the mind’s assumed problems are invalid. This is strictly about your own noticeable identity, you are prior to any change. Noticing or not noticing your being doesn’t change what you really are a bit, as an arising appearance the mind energy at best can only understand it is not capable of learning how to be stillness which opens some space for being to be noticeable.


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Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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