here’s looking at you

Pure basic being under all the appearing energies, something so simple anyone can pause for a moment and notice. The energy of thought soon appears and takes a try at describing what was noticed, but can’t quite put a finger on being.

Nobody or particle for that matter ever came into appearance separate from that exact same being that sparks what we think.

All thoughts naturally arise from an underlying noticeable being. The concepts that arise after you pause and notice yourself are being’s natural energies which would take place if the energetic form was in a dangerous situation as well, they are always perfectly natural and are based on what you take yourself to be which is never accurate, is it.

Looking at being within what appears as your energies will probably change the usual  thought habits, many things that seemed inescapable or important will no longer be here, which many appear as a relieve to the energies though (being is of course still perfectly fine with whatever, as always). Any arising belief that the mind had anything to do with the changes will kick that energy into overdrive again. The key is the still certainty of clear being which unclear thought arises from. A lot of space will no longer need to be filled with unclear things, though being will still bring on the energies when required naturally.


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