You are prior to appearance

What you are doesn’t change and can’t be changed, what you think you are is able to relax and notice this fact though new thoughts must continue on in the changing mind. Once you have noticed a peaceful unchanging existence is what you are, a certainty of (what you are) is noticed as also applying to anything the mind may construe as a separate thing, they must be this same peaceful unchanging existence as well.

All past events were not judged by what you are, they occurred as important to what you thought you were only. All believed to be wrongs by and against a mis-identified you carry no real validity. The illusory grudge match had no real players.

You are the one heart to the sometimes appearing various states of mind and I mention what we are here tonight to anyone who may prefer to discard a moving mistaken identity. Understanding what you always are doesn’t change your peaceful unchanging existence, the mind just doesn’t buy into anything was or can be wrong, it functions from what was noticed as real without the mind’s judgement which is a solid alert certainty, prior to all arisings.

This understanding doesn’t turn your form into a member of an enlightened group, it simply clarifies what you already are which only you can notice by looking for yourself right now. This is you with out steps or directions, prior to any thoughts of what your noticed being is. No thoughts can sum you up, they will only be after-words and relative to the inseparable things you arise.


About nessung

Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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