Simple certainty

What you are never changes, what you appear to be never stops changing, one more word read and you are physically changing in a certainty that lives what we appear to be.

Particles are shed from the changing body from the beginning of its certainty, long before the mind has developed enough to be of any support to the changing form. Certainty remains after the mind’s job has finished and is the heart of all changing things as they naturally move on.

Certainty is here before, during and after all changing things. Certainty naturally keeps the mind focused on an extremely complex changing form as one thing – with (certainty using clarity of itself) as the base of energy movements. It is overwhelming to think what one human body really is physically, all the physical living things we could isolate as forms lived by certainty on any given body for a second or 2 of time is incomprehensible.

Certainty creates the movement of mind and mind can always curtail the ride and  settle back into the always available comfort of certainty once it (eases) into what it really is, mind has the certainty supplied energy to realize its origin.

No matter what is thought certainty never changes, if you notice certainty is what you are thoughts will continue to naturally change as usual, though the mind will have an understanding of  certainty and the play of energetic things it changes. Like all experiences of mind an understanding is irrelevant to certainty, certainty was here when it was innocently overlooked and it is here when noticed, nevertheless clarity is often the result of this simple understanding. Everyone’s identity as our present certainty is naturally overlooked, yet virtually at the same moment easily recognizable.

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Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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