Make believer in the appearance of themself

The mind energy is useful in the sea of arising energies only as they occur, when it meanders outside the flow it will mimic its source or its fellow energies, what ever it believes is the most advantageous to play. Existence creates the roles, so it is not anyone’s wrong or rightness in the flow of things. Change can’t be stopped in energies so I’ll share what has appeared to relax my monitoring mind in the flow of things.

The characters we are appearing as do not need the make believer interrupting the natural flow and really this is all that needs to be noticed in energies,  open the mind now to what you already are, nature can easily handle the make believers but why put the appearance of us through that when we know it is unnecessary. With the fading of the believer habit the mind does not become stillness, it just stays open, prior, during and after thought in the natural flow of things. Some could call it the mind getting out of the way of our ever present underlying light or simply less distracted living. Each concept concerning this appears as footsteps away from openness, that is if you take these words as something to hold as certainty. Trust only the certainty of what you are under the energies now. Say so long to the believer habit as it appears and flows in things, it is much easier than can be imagined in the meanderings. Lessening what you appear to be will  lighten what flows through things much easier than adding on via the controlling habit of learning — which is fine for school, work and play, but it is incredibly slow route circling around what you already quietly are, this is just an energetic heads up on things to maybe notice if your appearing energies are troublesome to a you.

I also suggest not to buy into the thought that someone is free of the thought stream, that is if they are appearing as a functioning human being, believe in thought as the truth is the only cling-on damming your naturally perfect flow, any way you take what I say, the arising thoughts will always be untrue. The most freeing point ever made to anyone’s energies concerning their already present enlightened was  always untrue and that energetic anyone noticed this untruth and was left with  contentment in the also energetic appearance of themself.


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Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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