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Pause and notice the clarity of what you are, the mind soon will rise with a take on things.

Traditionally the mind assumes many problems due to a simple overlook of the true nature of you.

If the first pause doesn’t do the trick, try another or a few more, it will not take many before a certainty of your peaceful existence is noticed as your simple but true identity.

The thought energies will continue to judge what is seen as goods and bads and may even be somewhat believed in as long as we are uncertain in what we are, don’t wait for the others to notice before you, you can’t learn this from what they say, it isn’t stored in the mind for recollection. You are here in a simple pause prior to thought, always a certain noticeable existence, the energies do arise in this and will appear as real if our true identity is not willingly noticed as already always here.


About nessung

Appreciator of nature's underlying peace and promoter of pausing to notice this now.
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