k(no)w brainer, non-step

In the last post I mention naturalistic expressions as the play of the one nature through different appearing forms, the play or take on the word nature today is the liver of space and all particles, which includes the living of all the changing particles which appear to grow and be shed unto the rivery form the senses assumed to be ourselves. Naturally the playing senses pay little attention to the obvious prompter or (still aware nature) that drives the waves of energies and all other assumed separate things.

Noticing your true identity is the still aware nature eliminates the belief in assumed suffering, the particles nature plays will naturally continue on though the truth of what you are is no longer in question, this is the way it always was anyway.

You are never not the liver of things and this is disclosed or self noticed on the outskirts of (your own appearing) thoughts, self noticing or a mind which appears loaded with chatter, you are here, regardless.

If the appearing mind hungers for more clarity and simple living, I have one suggestion— notice your certainty which never changes, take a pause and clearly see what is here, this is the only (non-step) necessary, nothing else is required. Sure now there appears to be less separation as you are more and more noticed in the universal energies you live, even the energetic mind can’t hold back a passing chuckle at the certainty which makes this functioning here right now possible, it’s a no-brainer.


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