k(no)w doubt in my mind

The potential is great for a person to appear to go far if they think they can train the mind to choose the arising thoughts or know the perfect action to take in any situation, no way.  The mind can only chase the prior truth in the current truth or moment, reactions are natural and need nothing added.

If there is doubt, it is not mine.   Any thought arising is not mine. All the automatic functioning going on in all the me-s is not anyones. Notice what naturally surrounds any thought, the surroundings are perfectly clear and are the truth of everything that will ever be.

On noticing you of all people are naturally moving without a me, thought can even logically count the me out for good, though this to is play.  Any thought, spiritual, nondual, fearful, loving and all the rest are naturally not mine or yours, they arise, play for a while and disappear in the certain truth of noticeable being.

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2 Responses to k(no)w doubt in my mind

  1. seeingwhatis says:

    Good to find you here. When did you dismantle the self, recently or long “time” ago. Clocktime… Great post. Feels good to recognize…

  2. 1left says:

    Hi seeingwhatis, The certainty of what things already are was noticed a few years ago, before that there were numerous situations pointing this out, including a near death illness at 19 that silenced and cleared mind for awhile and also other wake-up calls along the way, things arise naturally in the certainty of what we are.

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