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Thoughtlessly noticing what we are is the only available clarification necessary here to be certain on the underlying existing truth of the one unconditional love.

Mind is fine as long as you do not think it is you or believe any of the conjured up takes on things. If the translation station no longer believes that any of the thoughts churning in the collective heads of human creatures are capable of fully translating the truth of anything including what we and all things are, where can we turn or does noticing the connectedness of things as one living presences really do anyone any good.                      First notice what you are and if anything real could be wrong.

Here is a suggestion to help the honourable but untrustworthy mind tool graciously step out of the picture as the assumed real identity, trust what is and not the mind translation related to a you. If there is no thought present, notice and deeply discover the vastness of that, if there is thinking, pause and sink into what is left. The mind after will naturally continue to chatter along as this is the nature of things, though no one will be able to believe any of it or fear it due to the now noticed, always available clarity. enjoy


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