No-thing to it, still moving

The it I mention in the title is all the physical things you’ve noticed through the senses and includes the senses which function naturally with no thing as the base where the movements occur.

Are you no thing or things or both, If the above is pointing to both nothing or something, hopefully it may be noticed there is nothing to learn here that will make you better than you already are.

You and all other things move naturally due to the one unconditional no-thing-ness, there is no separation, no one is more or less perfect no matter what a current thought projects.

The flowing mind can see some truth in this but may wonder what it can gain by noticing the constant no thing which may be called pure being as the one constant that doesn’t change or age or move. The never-changing them.

All the cells of the body have been replaced at least 5 times over if your physically age is 30 plus, though these changes are not really noticed due the solid truth of what we are, the base of our existence.  The mind is a great little tool but can not change the unchangeable truth and has no choice but to naturally flow.

True nature is only the stillness in movement noticed.


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