Thinking can’t change what you are

Some of the most widely disliked folks in written history were just as full of the same pure being in every constantly changing cell as you or me or even the greatest spiritual teachers we may have worshipped and may still follow.

Now you may say to yourself, shouldn’t the title of this post be, (Thinking changes what you are). As far as thoughts and actions are concerned as our own personal recollections of our believed or contrived past experiences must fall somewhere within the realm of humanness, though from the pure being that these must arise is one and the same for all living things which of course includes human beings.

For a moment let yourself go and notice what is always inside without a you taking a stand on what it is.


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One Response to Thinking can’t change what you are

  1. 1left says:

    The you that you gently let go off will change big time with the noticing of what never changes, which is (what you are) and is always available to be noticed and enjoyed by the rising inseparable mind.

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