Now we’re going nowhere

Now wait just a moment and see what you really are without the mild distraction of thought, linger a bit, look around, there is lots of space to notice here, right now.

Thoughts do not change what you are, they appear as they should and it’s up to you to recognize if they are relevant to what you are.

It is that simple, once you have noticed the nowhere spaciousness of yourself, drop the thoughts and linger in this now presence, you exist and are aware, the rest of the goings on can never touch this.

There was nothing to learn other than, there was nothing to learn. What you are can’t be chased down and then held down by the constantly changing mind. Instead encourage the mind to know what it and all things are, you maybe surprised to see your mind has always been opened to this, then it can simply get out-of-the-way for the noticing, it certainly could use the rest don’t you think.

The purest love is what you are, why shouldn’t the appearing senses relax and enjoy this now. Suggestion, don’t think about it, just have a good look for yourself. ciao


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