Help, you need nobody

What you are is helpless due to you being  perfectly whole and complete from the beginning of things, no matter what particular shifting form you appear through or senses you ignite.

There can not possibly be a problem for you though the sense you drive may think differently. You provide the senses an opportunity to experience and naturally mingle with other energies like themselves which are also at heart yourself. Every experience from any things point of view is pure-hearted by the one and only you.

Physically for pain and suffering take advantage of the best medical products available to the shifting form as existence has presented this opportunity, but when it comes to being comfortable with what you truly are, you’re on your own. Nobody can do or be this for you, you must notice this for yourself now, you exist and you are aware within and beyond the senses and form.

If you want to help the senses, be yourself, not the senses conjured image of you. This is easier than thinking, in fact you are present before thought.

Notice just that. ciao


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