god particles appearing as you

No separation, call the energies what your senses will, but keep in mind the senses are usually interested in translating the dance of energies, the true stillness of (what you and all things are) provides the base for these opportunity.

Once you notice all things appear from what you also appear from and this being doesn’t change no matter what kind of energy covers it.

Being has assigned what appears as your energy senses the task of maintaining a constantly changing body as an individual thing, the rivery mind is nothing more than a collector of small smidgens, a take on events that happened to something akin to a shifting sand dune.

Once you notice the energies are waves and you are the ocean under them. mind elaborations tend to slow down as a habit of knowing all energies are waves inseparable from the one still ocean and this includes the wave you appear to be and of course the mind which appears to be in it.

Does it do any good to notice foremost what you are? My functioning senses says as far as the brain waves can tell, yes. Do not believe me please, my word is no good to you, you must notice what energies are as they arise in the stillness of yourself, we are no different in this key way and the waves can not separate from what we are. The wave can notice itself, take notice.

This living stillness makes all the waves of problems unbelievable. God is a word, if you like it just consider the waves full of god particles and the still unconditional ocean  god period. Drop the ocean and god and you just notice you always are seeing this dance of energy from that which no word can describe.



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