Being is exempt

I recall as a 19-year-old being in a hospital and asking my parents if the Preacher was here at my bed because I was near death, by their uncomfortableness it became clear in my mind I was close to a possible end. I drifted shortly there after into an aloneness where I experienced a vision of death that was so alive  with the presence of peace it still seems remarkable.

Being somehow got the particles of those days replaced or back into functioning and I made a slow but somewhat full recovery. My friends at the time were more shocked it seemed with the new physical and emotional me than I was as I really no longer cared to pretend to be anyone in particular for a while.

It was possibly a year before I started to once again return to the live style I had left and at that point I fit into it much less than before. I was very socially uncomfortable with the flow of things and my old addictions only became more intensely destructive. Unfortunately this pattern continued for another 28 years before the old once noticed presence of peaceful being reappeared during another at least to my way of thinking dramatic experience.

After the second noticing I decided it was in my minds best interest to learn somehow everything I could to hold onto this being of peace as it is where I was most at home. I suspected it was a spiritual thing and began my investigation and eventually heard what I felt was the truth that everyone was and no one could possible not be this, It had to not exclude or include anything for it to be the unconditional truth and in the end to notice the truth I believed was only (pointing to what we are) and it too must be abandoned as a concept to no longer believe.

Being is exempt, belief  in being is a harmless cloud in being, you are the unconditional love, peace where a system of senses sense, they must pass, but you will always be present for the changing things to change. There is nothing to shift, it is already here to notice. Just notice what’s now and keep noticing. The senses will naturally try to make sense of it, pay no attention and just notice again what’s now, it can be fun in away and gives the particles of the mind a little break as well.  caio


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