Imagine there’s no karma

It isn’t hard to do, especially once you’ve noticed the senses are like a river of energy flowing through what seems the same twisting and turning valleys, yet the valleys are like rivers as well.  You can’t step in the same river twice or walk along the same valley twice, it all happens once to the unique form you appear to be now. So physically a bunch of constantly shifting particles are not going to be subject to past deeds, nor are the particles of the senses which can see the logic in what I speak of here. Now lets cinch it with the realization awareness of these appearances of energies are not happening to another type of also changing energy, awareness is the one unchanging unconditional you, the one you really don’t have to learn about cause you already are, this unconditional self never changes in anyone, (Imagination created the idea of karma), which led to the believe in karma, the mind naturally plays here. Once you’re aware of the nature of things even your physical will relax cause now even your senses are aware of this playing and they are not unconditional and as appearing energies can simply not buy in and the habit can be inhibited if your energies desire —- or —- feel free to play along, either way it doesn’t change the unconditional karma-less you. ciao

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2 Responses to Imagine there’s no karma

  1. jason says:

    Energy or no energy, what comes around goes around.

  2. 1left says:

    Jason thanks for commenting, The dance of things continues, the idea of karma can hold things in check though many folks may nolonger need this bridle, the mind tool that it is will try to reason things, you have the final decision on what to make of it. —– believe it or not.

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