We’re all in the same boat now

Yes it appears the human vessels are in different conditions and have somewhat separate experiences as registered by these supposed individualized senses. My senses are in place to govern the particles cycling in my miniature galaxy we call a body, none of the particles really belonging to the senses who claim these shifting sands and these senses can’t realize or control the complexity of this natural physical flow which they in their own liquidity and assumed limitations must stagnatize as a solid steady form, so what we call an ocean doesn’t to my knowledge at least decide when to rise as a tide, it happens naturally, we as the senses see us also happen naturally no matter what is thought.

So tonight I hope your governing senses are not offended by me throwing you and all other conceptualized physical forms in the same boat and I’ll be daring and go further and proclaim that not only are we all in the same boat, the sun, moon, flowers, an eyelash, etc, we all do nothing on our own, every movement of every thing which includes us, originates and rises and falls like a wave only in being which can only happen in the often anticipated but never escaped from now.

We’re all in the same boat now, relax in this ship of now-ness our bow presently appears to rise in.    ciao for now


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